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CEEL Summer school Fifth summer school Biographical sketches of instructor and guest lecturers

Biographical sketches of instructor and guest lecturers

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VRIEND Nicolaas J.




 KOHN Meir Index

Meir Kohn is Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College. He was educated at the Hebrew University and MIT. He has also taught at the Hebrew University, Berkeley, Boston University, the University of Western Ontario, and UCLA. Kohn began his career as a mathematical theorist and wrote a number of papers on monetary theory. In recent years, his interests have turned increasingly to financial systems and to economic history. Kohn has written a textbook on Financial Intermediaries and Markets and has been on several missions for the World Bank on financial sector issues. He is currently working on an economic history of pre-industrial Europe that focuses on the development of institutions and their effect on economic growth.



 LANGLOIS Richard N. Index

Richard N. Langlois is Professor of Economics at the University of Connecticut at Storrs. He was educated at Williams, Yale, and Stanford. Before coming to Connecticut in 1983, he was affiliated with the Center for Science and Technology Policy and C.V. Starr Center for Applied Economics at New York University. During the 2002-2003 academic year, he was a Senior Fellow in the Department of Management of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Professor Langlois has long been a contributor to institutional economics. His Economics as a Process: Essays on the "New Institutional Economics" (Cambridge, 1986) attempted to bring together then-emerging strands of institutional research. His other interests include the theory of the firm, where he has attempted to bring together the transaction-cost approach to organization with an evolutionary account of economic behavior. A milestone on that research track was the publication (with Paul Robertson) of Firms, Markets, and Economic Change: A Dynamic Theory of Business Institutions (Routledge, 1995), which articulates (among other things) the theory of dynamic transaction costs and the theory of modular systems. Another focus of Professor Langlois's work has been the economic history of technology. He has written on such industries as semiconductors, semiconductor equipment, and software. His history of the microcomputer industry won the Newcomen Award as the best article in Business History Review in 1992.



 LEIJONHUFVUD Axel Stig Bengt Index

Axel Stig Bengt Leijonhufvud was born in Sweden. He came to the United States in 1960 to do graduate work and obtained his Ph.D. from Northwestern University. He taught at the University of California at Los Angeles from 1964 to 1994 and served repeatedly as Chairman of the Economics Department. In 1991, he started the Center for Computable Economics at UCLA and remained its Director until 1997. In 1995 he was appointed Professor of Monetary Theory and Policy at the University of Trento, Italy. His research has particularly dealt with the limits to an economy's ability to coordinate activities as revealed by great depressions, high inflations and (recently) transitions from socialist towards market economies



 VRIEND Nicolaas J. Index

Nick Vriend is a Reader in Microeconomics at Queen Mary, University of London since September 1999. He studied Economics at the University of Amsterdam from 1980 to 1987, where he was research-assistant with Joop Hartog. From 1981 to 1987, he also studied Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. He finished his PhD at the European University Institute in Florence (Italy) in 1993, where his dissertation "Essays on Decentralized Trade" was with Pierre Dehez and Alan Kirman. He spent some time at the University of Bonn, the Santa Fe Institute, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Trento, Virginia Tech (VPI&SU), and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, before joining Queen Mary, University of London in 1997, and recently also visited GREQAM (Marseille). Nick Vriend is member of the Editorial Board of Computational Economics and of e-JEMED, and Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. He edited a special issue on "Evolutionary Processes in Economics" for Computational Economics (2002), and a special issue of the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control based on papers presented at the Conference on "Computing in Economics and Finance" of the Society for Computational Economics in Aix-en-Provence, 2002.



 ZANINOTTO Enrico Index

Enrico Zaninotto is professor of Business Economics at the University of Trento. He was educated at the University of Venice and at the Catholic University of Louvain la Neuve. He joined the University of Trento in 1994, after the University of Venice and the University L. Bocconi of Milan. At the University of Trento he leaded the Rock, group of Research on Organisation, Coordination and Knowledge (http://rock.cs.unitn.it). He published papers on production theory, standard diffusion and modularization. Current research is focussed on two main topics: coordination theory and entrepreneurship and firm dynamics.



 ZHANG Junfu Index

Junfu Zhang is a research fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California. He specializes in evolutionary economics and agent-based computational economics. His research interests include racial housing segregation, entrepreneurship, and innovations in the high-tech industry. He has held the Graduate Fellowship at Johns Hopkins University and the Leo Model Research Fellowship at The Brookings Institution. He received a B.A. from Renmin University of China and an M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from Johns Hopkins University.


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