Cognitive and Experimental Economics Laboratory

Department of Economics and Management, University of Trento


The research activity of the Cognitive and Experimental Economics Laboratory (CEEL) relies on experimental methods to advance the understanding of how human cognition affects economic behavior. Research is conducted in a lively interdisciplinary environments that draws from economics, cognitive psychology, and organizational studies. CEEL also offers to young scholars research training opportunities through workshops, research grants, and partnerships with Ph.D. programs.

CEEL has a local stand-alone computer network with 28 computers of identical speed and configuration. The computer terminals are physically separated from each other and can be overlooked from a control post. All the computers have conventional software installed to run controlled experiments. Data is collected using z-Tree and o-Tree software, or ad-hoc software programmed by the CEEL’s lab technician. CEEL also provides possibility to run studies measuring electrodermal activity. Within the lab 12 cubicles are endowed with BIOPAC MP 160 system to collect electrodermal activity measures, allowing to run studies involving both individual and group decision making. The lab technician oversees all lab-related activities.


  • - One of the oldest experimental economics laboratories in Italy
  • - Laboratory capacity: 28 places
  • - Psychophysiological measures used: electrodermal activity (12 places)
  • - Technical expertise on experimental software
  • - Collaborative environment