CEEL Working Papers

Matteo Benuzzi and Matteo Ploner (2023) "Skewness-seeking behavior and financial investments".
CEEL Working Paper 1-23. (PDF-zip)

Giuseppe Danese and Luigi Mittone (2022) "The Tragedy of the Masks: curbing stockpiling behavior through a “victim”".
CEEL Working Paper 1-22. (PDF-zip)

Matteo Ploner (2022) "Lie for me: An experiment about delegation, efficiency, and morality".
CEEL Working Paper 2-22. (PDF-zip)

Luciano Andreozzi, Marco Faillo and Ali Seyhun Saral (2021) "Reciprocity in Dictator Games: An Experimental Study".
CEEL Working Paper 1-21. (PDF-zip)

Giuseppe Danese and Luigi Mittone (2020) "On pledging one’s trustworthiness through gifts: an experimental inquiry".
CEEL Working Paper 1-20. (PDF-zip)

Klaudijo Klaser and Luigi Mittone (2020) "Neither Punishments nor Rewards: Fostering Tax Compliance through the Rawlsian Veil of Ignorance in a Laboratory Experiment".
CEEL Working Paper 2-20. (PDF-zip)

Klaudijo Klaser, Lorenzo Sacconi and Marco Faillo (2020) "Climate Change and Intergenerational Social Contract: Insights From a Laboratory Experiment in Rawlsian Perspective".
CEEL Working Paper 3-20. (PDF-zip)

Tatiana Balmus, Juergen Huber and Matteo Ploner (2019) "More competition in delegated portfolio management: A win-win situation? An experimental analysis".
CEEL Working Paper 1-19. (PDF-zip)

Sandro Casal, Francesco Guala and Luigi Mittone (2019) "On the Transparency of Nudges: An Experiment".
CEEL Working Paper 2-19. (PDF-zip)

Marco Faillo, Luigi Mittone and Costanza Piovanelli (2018) "Cash posters in the lab".
CEEL Working Paper 1-18. (PDF-zip)

Marco Faillo and Costanza Piovanelli (2017) "Wage delegation and intrinsic motivation: an experimental study".
CEEL Working Paper 1-17. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone, Matteo Ploner and Eugenio Verrina (2017) "When the State Doesn't Play Dice: Aggressive Audit Strategies Foster Tax Compliance".
CEEL Working Paper 2-17. (PDF-zip)

Giuseppe Danese and Luigi Mittone (2017) "The circulation of worthless objects aids cooperation. An experiment inspired by the Kula".
CEEL Working Paper 3-17. (PDF-zip)

Alisa Frik and Alexia Gaudeul (2016) "Privacy protection, risk attitudes, and the need for control: An experimental study".
CEEL Working Paper 1-16. (PDF-zip)

Mario Capizzani, Luigi Mittone, Andrew Musau, and Antonino Vaccaro (2016) "Anticipated communication in the ultimatum game".
CEEL Working Paper 2-16. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone and Andrew Musau (2016) "Communication, sequentiality and strategic power. A prisoners’ dilemma experiment".
CEEL Working Paper 3-16. (PDF-zip)

Marco Faillo, Federico Fornasari, and Luigi Mittone (2016) "Tell Me How to Rule: Leadership, Delegation, and Voice in Cooperation".
CEEL Working Paper 4-16. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone and Gian Paolo Jesi (2016) "Heuristic Driven Agents in Tax Evasion: an Agent-based Approach".
CEEL Working Paper 5-16.

Matteo Ploner and Viola Saredi (2016) "Taking Over Control:An Experimental Analysis of Delegation Avoidance in Risky Choices".
CEEL Working Paper 6-16. (PDF-zip)

Nives Della Valle and Matteo Ploner (2016) "Reacting to Unfairness: Group Identity and Dishonest Behavior".
CEEL Working Paper 7-16. (PDF-zip)

Sandro Casal, Nives Della Valle, Luigi Mittone, and Ivan Soraperra (2016) "Feedback and consumption behavior".
CEEL Working Paper 8-16. (PDF-zip)

Alisa Frik and Luigi Mittone (2016) "Factors Influencing the Perceived Websites’ Privacy Trustworthiness and Users’ Purchase Intentions".
CEEL Working Paper 9-16. (PDF-zip)

Giuseppe Danese and Luigi Mittone (2015) "Trust and trustworthiness in experimental organizations".
CEEL Working Paper 1-15. (PDF-zip)

Marianna Baggio and Luigi Mittone (2015) "Grandparents Matter: Perspectives on Intergenerational Altruism. An Experiment on Family Dynamic Spillovers in Public Goods Games.".
CEEL Working Paper 2-15. (PDF-zip)

Federico Fornasari, Matteo Ploner, and Ivan Soraperra (2015) "Investment in Risk Protection and Social Preferences: An Experimental Study".
CEEL Working Paper 3-15. (PDF-zip)

Dominique Cappelletti, Luigi Mittone, and Matteo Ploner (2015) "Language and intergroup discrimination. Evidence from an experiment".
CEEL Working Paper 4-15. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone, Johannes Buckenmaier and Eugen Dimant (2015) "Tax Evasion Revised: Surprising Experimental Evidence on the Role of Principal Witness Regulations and Differences in Gender Attitudes".
CEEL Working Paper 5-15. (PDF-zip)

Sandro Casal and Luigi Mittone, (2014) "Social Esteem versus Social Stigma: the role of anonymity in an income reporting game".
CEEL Working Paper 1-14. (PDF-zip)

Simona Cicognani and Luigi Mittone, (2014) "Social norms or low-cost heuristics? An experimental investigation of imitative behavior".
CEEL Working Paper 2-14. (PDF-zip)

Riccardo Ghidoni and Matteo Ploner, (2014) "When do the Expectations of Others Matter? An Experiment on Distributional Justice and Guilt Aversion".
CEEL Working Paper 3-14. (PDF-zip)

Marianna Baggio and Luigi Mittone, (2014) "Experience and history: An experimental approach to generational heterogeneity".
CEEL Working Paper 4-14.

Matteo Ploner, (2014) "Hold on to it? An Experimental Analysis of the Disposition Effect".
CEEL Working Paper 5-14. (PDF-zip)

Giovanna Devetag, Sibilla Di Guida and Luca Polonio, (2013) "An eye-tracking study of feature-based choice in one-shot games".
CEEL Working Paper 1-13. (PDF-zip)

M. D. Farjam, M. Faillo, W.F.G. Haselager and I.G. Sprinkhuizen-Kuyper (2013) "Punishment Mechanisms and their Effect on Cooperation - A Simulation Study".
CEEL Working Paper 2-13. (PDF-zip)

Giovanna Devetag, Francesca Ceccacci and Paola De Salvo, (2013) "Do Reputation Concerns Make Behavioral Biases Disappear? The Conjunction Fallacy on Facebook and Mechanical Turk".
CEEL Working Paper 3-13. (PDF-zip)

Luciano Andreozzi, Matteo Ploner and Ivan Soraperra, (2013) "Justice among strangers. On altruism, inequality aversion and fairness".
CEEL Working Paper 4-13. (PDF-zip)

Alexia Delfino, Luigi Marengo, and Matteo Ploner, (2013) "I Did it Your Way. An Experimental Investigation of Peer Effects in Investment Choices".
CEEL Working Paper 5-13. (PDF-zip)

Marco Faillo, Alessandra Smerilli and Robert Sugden, (2013) "The roles of level-k and team reasoning in solving coordination games".
CEEL Working Paper 6-13. (PDF-zip)

Francesco Guala and Luigi Mittone, (2013) "A Political Justification of Nudging".
CEEL Working Paper 7-13. (PDF-zip)

Giovanna Devetag, Hykel Hosni and Giacomo Sillari, (2012) "You Better Play 7: Mutual versus Common Knowledge of Advice in a Weak-link Experiment".
CEEL Working Paper 1-12. (PDF-zip)

Edoardo Gaffeo, Mauro Gallegati and Umberto Gostoli, (2012) "An agent-based "proof of principle" for Walrasian macroeconomic theory".
CEEL Working Paper 2-12. (PDF-zip)

Francesco Guala,Luigi Mittone and Matteo Ploner, (2012) "Group Membership, Team Preferences, and Expectations".
(This is a new version of CEEL WP 6-09)
CEEL Working Paper 3-12. (PDF-zip)

Flavio Bazzana, Luigi Mittone and Luciano Andreozzi, (2012) "The freeze-out bond exchange offer. An experimental approach".
CEEL Working Paper 4-12. (PDF-zip)

Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti, (2012) "Stochastic Choice and Consideration Sets ".
CEEL Working Paper 5-12. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone and Matteo Ploner, (2011) "Cooperative Attitudes in Nonprofit Firms. Evidence from An Artefactual Field Experiment with Workers of Social Cooperatives ".
CEEL Working Paper 1-11. (PDF-zip)

Giovanna Devetag, Francesca Pancotto and Thomas Brenner, (2011) "The Minority Game Unpacked: Coordination and Competition in a Team-based Experiment".
CEEL Working Paper 2-11. (PDF-zip)

Stefania Bortolotti, Giovanna Devetag and Andreas Ortmann, (2009) "Exploring the effects of real effort in a weak-link experiment".
CEEL Working Paper 1-09. (PDF-zip)

Francesca Bortolami and Luigi Mittone, (2009) "Does Participating in a Collective Decision Affect the Levels of Contributions Provided? An Experimental Investigation".
CEEL Working Paper 2-09. (PDF-zip)

Daniela Raeva and Eric van Dijk, (2009) "Regret once, think twice: the impact of experienced regret on risk choice".
CEEL Working Paper 3-09. (PDF-zip)

Francesca Bortolami, (2009) "How to explain the participation effect: is it a question of different expectations and communication? A preliminary investigation".
CEEL Working Paper 4-09. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone and Matteo Ploner, (2009) "Social Effects in a Multi-Agent Investment Game. An Experimental Analysis".
CEEL Working Paper 5-09. (PDF-zip)
(This paper replaces CEEL Working Paper 5-08)

Francesco Guala, Luigi Mittone and Matteo Ploner, (2009) "Group Membership, Team Preferences, and Expectations". (A new version of this paper is available as CEEL WP 3-12)
CEEL Working Paper 6-09.

Giulio Bottazzi, Giovanna Devetag and Francesca Pancotto, (2008) "Does Volatility matter? Expectations of price return and variability in an asset pricing experiment".
CEEL Working Paper 1-08. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone and Lucia Savadori, (2008) "Influence of time delay on choice between gambles: Savoring the emotion".
CEEL Working Paper 2-08.
Click here for the improved and revised published version of this working paper.

Giuseppe Danese and Luigi Mittone, (2008) "Reciprocity, Exchange and Redistribution. An experimental investigation inspired by Karl Polanyi’s The Economy as Instituted Process".
CEEL Working Paper 3-08. (PDF-zip)

Daniela Raeva and Luigi Mittone and Jens Schwarzbach, (2008) "The Role of Experienced Regret on Intertemporal Choice: An Experiment".
CEEL Working Paper 4-08. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone and Matteo Ploner, (2008) "Social Effects in a Multi-Agent Investment Game. An Experimental Analysis".
CEEL Working Paper 5-08.

Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti and Luigi Mittone, (2008) "The elicitation of time preferences".
CEEL Working Paper 6-08. (PDF-zip)

Francesco Guala and Luigi Mittone, (2008) "Paradigmatic Experiments: the Dictator Game".
CEEL Working Paper 7-08. (PDF-zip)

Barbara Ferrari and Luigi Mittone and Marco Tecilla, (2008) "Retirement Systems, Demography, Happiness and Welfare Redistribution".
CEEL Working Paper 8-08. (PDF-zip)

Nicolás Garrido and Luigi Mittone, (2008) "A Description of Experimental Tax Evasion Behavior Using Finite Automata: the case of Chile and Italy".
CEEL Working Paper 9-08. (PDF-zip)

Francesco Guala and Luigi Mittone, (2008) "An Experimental Study of Conventions and Norms".
CEEL Working Paper 10-08. (PDF-zip)

Matteo Ploner, (2007) "Personal Autonomy in Trust-Based Interactions. An Experimental Analysis"
CEEL Working Paper 1-07. (PDF-zip)
(This is an updated version of the CEEL Working Paper 2-05)

Matteo Ploner, (2007) "Conformism and Social Connections: An Empirical Analysis of Self-Commitment to Food Purchase"
CEEL Working Paper 2-07. (PDF-zip)

Giovanna Devetag and Andreas Ortmann, (2007) "Classic coordination failures revisited: the effects of deviation costs and loss avoidance ".
CEEL Working Paper 3-07. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone and Francesca Bortolami, (2007) "Free riding and norms of control: self determination and imposition.An experimental comparison."
CEEL Working Paper 4-07. (PDF-zip)

Leonardo Becchetti, Giacomo Degli Antoni, Marco Faillo and Luigi Mittone, (2007) "The glue of the economic system: the effect of relational goods on trust and trustworthiness."
CEEL Working Paper 5-07. (PDF-zip)

Massimo Egidi (2007) "The dual process account of reasoning: historical roots, problems and perspectives."
CEEL Working Paper 6-07. (PDF-zip)

Paola Manzini, Marco Mariotti and Luigi Mittone, (2006) "Choosing Monetary Sequences: Theory and Experimental Evidence"
CEEL Working Paper 1-06. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone and Matteo Ploner, (2006) "Is It Just Legitimacy of Endowments? An Experimental Analysis of Unilateral Giving".
CEEL Working Paper 2-06. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone and Ivan Soraperra, (2006) "The Scarcity Bias: Some Theoretical Notes".
CEEL Working Paper 3-06. (PDF-zip)

Jonathan W. Leland, (2006) "Equilibrium Selection, Similarity Judgments and the "Nothing to Gain/Nothing to Lose" Effect".
CEEL Working Paper 4-06. (PDF-zip)

Giovanna Devetag and Andreas Ortmann, (2006) "When and Why? A Critical Survey on Coordination Failure in the Laboratory ".
CEEL Working Paper 5-06. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone and Lucia Savadori and Rino Rumiati, (2005) " Does scarcity matter in children's behavior? A developmental perspective of the basic scarcity bias".
CEEL Working Paper 1-05. (PDF-zip)

Matteo Ploner, (2005) "Trust and Detection: An Experimental Investigation of Motivational Crowding Out".
CEEL Working Paper 2-05. (PDF-zip)

Giulio Bottazzi and Giovanna Devetag, (2005) "Expectations structure in asset pricing experiments".
CEEL Working Paper 3-05. (PDF-zip)

Giovanna Devetag and Massimo Warglien, (2005) "Playing the wrong game: An experimental analysis of relational complexity and strategic misrepresentation".
CEEL Working Paper 5-04. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone and Lucia Savadori, (2005) " The Scarcity Bias".
CEEL Working Paper 5-05.
published in APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY: AN INTERNATIONAL REVIEW, 2009, 58 (3), 453–468

Rob Moir, (2004) "Lotteries as a funding tool for financing public goods ".
CEEL Working Paper 1-04. (PDF-zip)

Marco Faillo, (2004) "The cost of fair divisions: An experimental investigation of Ultimatum Games with groups".
CEEL Working Paper 2-04. (PDF-zip)

Matteo Ploner and Ivan Soraperra, (2004) "Groups and Social Norms in the Economic Context: A Preliminary Experimental Investigation".
CEEL Working Paper 3-04. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone, (2003) "Ethical altruism and redistribution: an experimental approach".
CEEL Working Paper 1-03. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone, (2003) "Altruism without reciprocation in children".
CEEL Working Paper 2-03. (PDF-zip)

Massimo Egidi, (2003) "Decomposition patterns in problem solving".
CEEL Working Paper 3-03. (PDF-zip)

Thomas Brenner and Nicolaas J. Vriend, (2003) "On the Behavior of Proposers in Ultimatum Games".
CEEL Working Paper 4-03. (PDF-zip)

Michele Bernasconi and Luigi Mittone, (2003) "Income tax evasion and artificial reference points: two experiments".
CEEL Working Paper 5-03. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone, (2003) "The Condorcet paradox: an experimental approach to a voting process".
CEEL Working Paper 6-03. (PDF-zip)

Jack Birner, (2002) "The mind-body problem and social evolution".
CEEL Working Paper 1-02. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone, (2002) "Individual styles of tax evasion: an experimental study".
CEEL Working Paper 2-02. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone, (2002) "Dynamic behaviours in tax evasion. An experimental approach".
CEEL Working Paper 3-02. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone, (2002) "Motivations and collusion among agents in the evasion of indirect taxes: an experimental approach".
CEEL Working Paper 4-02. (PDF-zip)

Massimo Egidi , (2002) " Biases in human behavior ".
CEEL Working Paper 5-02. (PDF-zip)

Massimo Egidi and Luigi Marengo, (2002) " Cognition, institutions, near decomposability: rethinking Herbert Simon's contribution ".
CEEL Working Paper 6-02. (PDF-zip)

Giovanna Devetag, (2002) "Precedent transfer in coordination games: experimental evidence".
CEEL Working Paper 7-02.

Giovanna Devetag and Massimo Warglien (2002) "Representing others' preferences in mixed motive games: was Schelling right".
CEEL Working Paper 8-02. (PDF-zip)

Francesco Guala, Luigi Mittone (2002) "Experiments in economics: testing theories vs. the robustness of phenomena".
CEEL Working Paper 9-02. (PDF-zip)

Roberto M. Burlando, Francesco Guala (2002) "Conditional cooperation: new evidence from a public goods experiment".
CEEL Working Paper 10-02. (PDF-zip)

Giovanna Devetag and Massimo Warglien (2002) "Games and phone numbers: do short term memory bounds affect strategic behavior?".
CEEL Working Paper 11-02. (PDF-zip)

Massimo Egidi , (2002) "Rethinking bounded rationality ".
CEEL Working Paper 12-02. (PDF-zip)

Roberto M. Burlando and Francesco Guala, (2002) "Overcontribution and decay in public goods experiments: a test of the heterogeneous agents hypothesis".
CEEL Working Paper 13-02. (PDF-zip)

Giovanna Devetag (2002) "Coordination and information in critical mass games: an experimental study".
CEEL Working Paper 14-02. (PDF-zip)

Giulio Bottazzi and Giovanna Devetag (2002) "Coordination and self-organization in minority games: experimental evidence".
CEEL Working Paper 15-02. (PDF-zip)

John Dickhaut, Kevin McCabe, Jennifer C. Nagode, Aldo Rustichini, Kip Smith, Jose Pardo (2002) "The impact of the certainty context on the process of choice".
CEEL Working Paper 16-02. (forthcoming in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA)

Aldo Rustichini, John Dickhaut, Paolo Ghirardato, Kip Smith, Jose V. Pardo (2002) "A brain imaging study of the choice procedure".
CEEL Working Paper 17-02. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone, (2001) "VAT evasion: an experimental approach".
Dip. Economia Discussion Paper 5-01. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Marengo and Corrado Pasquali and Marco Valente, (2001) "Decomposability and modularity of economic interactions".
Dip. Economia Discussion Paper 6-01. (PDF-zip)

Giorgio Coricelli and Luigi Luini, (1999) "Double Moral Hazard: an Experiment on Warranties".
CEEL Working Paper 1-99. (PDF-zip)

Maria Giovanna Devetag, (1999) "From utilities to mental models: A critical survey on decision rules and cognition in consumer choice".
CEEL Working Paper 2-99.

Koen Frenken, Luigi Marengo and Marco Valente, (1999) "Interdependencies, nearly-decomposability and adaption".
CEEL Working Paper 3-99. (PDF-zip)

Nicolao Bonini and Massimo Egidi, (1999) "Cognitive traps in individual and organizational behavior: some empirical evidence".
CEEL Working Paper 4-99. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone, (1997) "The reduction of decision complexity: normative policies and the role of information".
CEEL Working Paper 1-97. (PDF-zip)

Roberto Tamborini, (1997) "A macroeconomic model of bankruptcy".
CEEL Working Paper 2-97. (PDF-zip)

Massimo Egidi and Massimo Ricottilli, (1997) "Co-ordination and Specialization".
CEEL Working Paper 3-97. (PDF-zip)

Luigi Mittone, (1997) "Subjective versus objective probability: results from seven experiments on fiscal evasion".
CEEL Working Paper 4-97. (PDF-zip)

Elena Cefis (1997) "Modelli di interazione spaziale: presupposti teorici e aspetti applicativi".
CEEL Working Paper 5-97 (PDF-zip)

Alessandro Narduzzo, Elena Rocco, Massimo Warglien (1997) "Talking about routines in the field: the emergence of organizational capabiliies in a new cellular phone network company".
CEEL Working Paper 6-97 (PDF-zip)

Elena Rocco and Massimo Warglien, (1996) "Computer Mediated Communication and the Emergence of `Electronic Opportunism'".
CEEL Working Paper 1-96. (PDF-zip)

Jack Birner, (1996) "Mind, Market and Society. Network Structures in the Work of F.A. Hayek"
CEEL Working Paper 2-96. (PDF-zip)

Alessandro Narduzzo and Massimo Warglien, (1996) "Learning from the Experience of Others : An Experiment on Information Contagion".
CEEL Working Paper 3-96. (PDF-zip)

Massimo Egidi and Alessandro Narduzzo, (1996) "The emergence of path-dependent behaviors in cooperative contexts"
CEEL Working Paper 4-96. (HTML)

Giovanni Dosi, Luigi Marengo and Giorgio Fagiolo, (1996) "Learning in evolutionary environment".
CEEL Working Paper 5-96. (PDF-zip)

Massimo Egidi and Luigi Marengo, (1995) "Division of Labour and Social Coordination Modes. A simple simulation model".
CEEL Working Paper 1-95. (PDF-zip)

Massimo Egidi (1995a) "Virtous and Adverse Selection within Economic Organization".
CEEL Working Paper 2-95. (PDF-zip)

Massimo Egidi, (1995) "Routines, Hierarchies of Problems, Procedural Behavoiur: Some Evidence from Experiments".
CEEL Working Paper 3-95. (PDF-zip)

R.A.M. Pereira and P.Patelli , (1995) "The Emergence of Cooperative Playing Routines: Optimality and Learning". WP-96-22, IIASA Laxemburg (Austria)
CEEL Working Paper 4-95. (HTML)

Massimo Egidi (1995b) "The ``Creative Distruction`` in Economic and Political Institutions".
CEEL Working Paper 5-95 now in Dallago.B. and Mittone L. Economic Institutions, Market and Competition Edward Elgar, Aldershot
CEEL Working Paper 5-95. (PDF-zip)